Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two different resolutions for the videos?2023-02-15T22:50:47-08:00

This is to accommodate slower internet connections and older computers. If the video playback is choppy or intermittent on your system, use the standard definition (480p) videos.

When can I access the training?2023-02-15T22:51:02-08:00

Right away! Once you sign up, you will be emailed a confirmation page that contains your log in information. Your account will then be activated and ready to access.

Can I quit at any time?2023-02-15T22:51:15-08:00

Yes. There are no contracts here. You can stay as long as you like. What you’ll find is the training is easy, it produces tangible, measurable results right away, techs can jump on anytime they need training, and at such a low cost, you won’t want to quit!

Are there any hidden costs or fees?2023-02-15T22:51:42-08:00

No. We don’t like them and neither do you.

How long is the membership good for and do I have to renew it?2023-02-15T22:52:03-08:00

You do not have to renew it. Your subscription is active until you wish to quit and there are no membership renewal fees.

Can I share this training with friends or other companies?2023-02-15T22:52:23-08:00

We love referrals, but you cannot share your log on information. We have safeguarded against password sharing and violators will be locked out.

How long does it take to see results?2023-02-15T22:52:37-08:00

It happens immediately. Students can implement the training the day they receive it and start building confidence, and sales, right away.

What is the difference between your training system and information I’d get from a seminar or a book?2023-02-15T22:52:52-08:00

The difference is, it’s industry specific. We teach for the service contractor while seminars and books target the masses.

What you’ll find is most seminars and books claim to work for everyone, but most target real-estate professionals where a good portion of the training focuses on prospecting. Most techs have a difficult time with the idea of selling and are generally apprehensive to begin with, but when they’re exposed to ideas and concepts they’re not familiar with, they’re left to figure out how to use them on their own.

We don’t leave anything to chance; our lessons are broken down to the smallest detail so techs gain clarity and completely understand what to do and why they’re doing it – they’re taught the psychology behind all of the selling strategies.

Is this training for beginners or high producers?2023-02-15T22:52:57-08:00

Both. The training is simple enough for the beginner to understand, and captivating enough to engage the heavy hitters. We teach every student how to improve their performance; even for top producers because there’s always room for improvement. You’d be surprised how many top earners walk past sales opportunities every day.

Is the training advanced enough for my employees to become top producers?2023-02-15T22:53:05-08:00

Yes, we’ve developed million dollar selling techs and salespeople across the nation.

Does your training have written testing?2023-02-15T22:53:10-08:00

Absolutely not! Testing, to determine a student’s ability to sell, is pointless. It’s the same thing as taking a written test to determine if you’re a great athlete. It’s impossible to test for customer interaction skills, closing abilities and the burning desire for success. 90% of what determines success in selling is how motivated individuals are to become high producers.

The major difference between those who sell and those who don’t is how they apply what they’ve learned…that’s it. A written test can actually do more harm than good because a tech can hide behind a high test score thinking he’s already a success. Only sales numbers count; not test scores. Any sales trainer offering written tests is a red flag.

Is there written material?2023-02-15T22:53:19-08:00

Yes. The printable, interactive workbooks not only follow the video training sessions, but they give students a practical and efficient guide to access whenever needed.

Who will benefit from this training?2023-02-15T22:53:24-08:00

Owners, managers, technicians, dispatchers and CSR’s…basically anyone who interacts with your customers can benefit from the training.

What industry is the training for?2023-02-15T22:53:30-08:00

It is designed for all Service Contractors with an emphasis on Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC. If your business combines Service and Sales, then it will be a perfect fit.

My employees have already been trained on a service system. Will this training work with it?2023-02-15T22:53:40-08:00

Yes. It works well with any system to enhance their knowledge and skills.

How many training videos are there?2023-02-15T22:53:49-08:00

We are continually developing new training material, so our library is always growing.

Is this training for groups or single students?2017-10-14T15:12:14-07:00

Both. The videos work for both scenarios. For single students, they can access the training via a desktop computer over the internet. This also works great for new hires because they can log on and get the training they need to quickly catch up with the group. For classroom style learning for large groups, the video can be projected on a screen with a digital projector.

What equipment do I need to watch the videos?2023-02-15T22:55:05-08:00

A computer and an internet connection. Most modern computers work well, but in the rare case the video lags, it’s generally due to a poor internet connection and a computer with an outdated video card.

Does the training cover technical trade training?2023-02-15T22:55:14-08:00

No, we focus specifically on sales (lots and lots of sales!) and thrilling clients beyond their expectations! We also teach how to sell specific products, which does cover some technical aspects like functionality, but we do not teach how to repair or replace products.

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