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You’ll learn the heavily guarded

trade secrets used by some

of the most successful companies

like Apple and Disney

to create the smooth running,

highly profitable business

you’ve always wanted.

Take your company to new heights

with these expert strategies

and tactics to gain

the inside knowledge

you’ll need to raise the bar

and become an industry leader.

Whether you’re hiring CSR’s

or dispatchers or technicians

and salespeople or even managers,

you’ll be able to precisely target

the exact type of candidates

you’re looking for.

The superstars are out there,

now you can find them!

The service contracting industry

defies the standard rules of recruiting.

In this very special session,

you’ll learn the most effective

and proven recruiting principles

developed specifically for contractors.

This is the ultimate weapon

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to hit the motherland of superstars

you’ll need to take your company

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You’ll learn powerful strategies

for building your very own

dream team to maximize your profits

and surpass your biggest goals.

Professional recruiters are

highly skilled at interviewing.

You’ll learn the seven characteristics

of all top producers in the industry

to guarantee your success

at pinpointing the right professionals

to join your team.

Every headhunter relies

on his recruiting network

to locate top candidates.

In this session, you’ll learn how to

turbo boost your very own

recruiting network to bring you

the absolute best talent today

and for years to come.

How to Recruit Superstar Employees

The Heavily-Guarded Trade Secrets of Professional Recruiters

Altogether, it’s a powerful lineup

to guarantee your success,

maximize your profits

and take your company

to new heights you never dreamed

was possible.