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“For Electrical Contractors, this is by far the best sales training. Apex Training has taught my guys how to step-by-step
methodically breakdown a service call from the start to the wrap-and-rock.
Our sales increased, I get better participation, the guys are on track, and the meetings are greatly improved.

Every piece of the training connects with somebody, from the junior guys and especially the top selling technicians.
I love the training. It’s a great program all around.”

Michael Grimaud
Master Electrician/Electrical Manager

“With over 34 years of experience, I have attempted to belong to every contractor trade organization out there,
and there’s literally dozens of them. I’ve spent a lot of money with these organizations, and by far,
no question, the Apex Training program is the very best training available.

In just one year, we doubled our revenues and no other organization has come close to what Apex Training can deliver.
They have a tremendous amount of knowledge to give to any contractor in any service industry
no matter their size or how long they’ve been in business.”

Jeff Cox
HVAC Contractor

“After our technicians received the training, we very quickly became the top seller in the nation.
With Apex Training, you’ll see the results instantly, I mean instantly, as soon as they walk out they’re successful.

What I like about Apex Training the most is it empowers the technicians and gives them
the proper tools to go out and make the sales. It teaches them how to be successful with the product
and it motivates them to talk about other products and providing better service,
which generates more revenue, higher profits and greater customer satisfaction.”

Eddie Smith
HVAC Manager

“The results you get from Apex Training are instant – no doubt about it. I went from $50,000 a year in sales,
to $1.1 Million in sales, in addition to my repairs! It’s given me a better understanding
of the sales process and the psychology behind it.

It teaches you to work smarter, not harder. I wouldn’t say I’m working any harder, but I’m putting
a lot more thought into what I’m doing and I’m reaping the benefits of it. It’s really taken my career to
another level. Apex Training has been amazing for me.”

Daniel Barron
Service Technician

“You can be the best plumber in the world, but if you don’t know how to sell the products on your truck,
you’re not going to be successful, we all know that, and that’s what Apex Training does, they help us to be successful.

Apex Training takes the technicians from A to Z – it’s a plan for success. Your techs will earn more money,
they’re going to have better product knowledge and they’ll learn how to
better read and communicate with their customers.”

Jay Shew
Master Plumber/Plumbing Manager

“Apex Training has been foundational for what we do. We’ve been able to put forth a process, not just a
simple technique, but a whole process on how to get the product from the shelf to the customer.
From beginning to end, how to grow the business and how to become more successful in a manner
that benefits the company, the tech, and the customer.

With Apex Training, you’re going to be so much different than your competition – it’s going to change the face of your
business and you’ll know success in a manner that you’ve never known it before.”

George Vogt
General Manager

““I’ve been through a lot of sale training, and Apex Training is the best because it keeps it as close to my
trade as technically possible and really helps the technician to sell. This is for contractors, it pertains
specifically to us and it arms you with the best knowledge to go out and be successful.”

Sean Fellman
Plumbing Manager

“Apex Training has absolutely been transformative for our company. It has helped us reach new heights
and we certainly couldn’t have done it without them. It’s all about training the technician who’s used to
using his hands to be in tune with the customer and what their wants, needs and desires are.”

Michael Flanagan
HVAC Manager